Vicente Romero is the Minister of Interior


Yesterday Vicente Romero started his activities as the new Minister of Interior.

Vincente will replace Carlos Basombrío, who was the Minister of Interior since current President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski assumed his position in 2016. The main reason behind the resignation of Basombrío is the controversy surrounding the head of state, all related to Odebrecht’s case.

It is worth mentioning that since President PPK granted the humanitarian pardon to former president Alberto Fujimori on Christmas Eve, many government workers have resigned their positions stating that this is an unacceptable decision.

Romero, the new Minister of Interior was the director of the National Police from August 27, 2015 (while Ollanta Humala was the president) until September 11 when he was replaced by Richard Zubiate.

Once Minister Basombrío was informed about Romero’s departure from said position, he mentioned Romero was an extraordinary general who had done a lot for Peru. It is considered that Vicente Romero will assume one of the most difficult government portfolios.

Vicente Romero was born on December 7, 1955, in Cajamarca. He is a specialist in internal order, public management, and investment projects. In addition, he is an intelligence analyst and holds a degree in Administration. During his 38 years of service, he was part of different police units, for example in the Directorate against Drugs between the years 2013 – 2014.

Do you think Romero will do a great job as the new Minister of Interior?

(Cover Photo El Comercio)

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