Vicky Pelaez plans to return to Peru

Isabel Guerra

Vicky Pelaez is planning to come back to PeruPeru-born journalist Vicky Pelaez and her husband Mijail Vaskenkov are completing the necessary paperwork for traveling to Peru, said a spokesperson from the family.

They were expelled from the U.S. after pleading guilty to acting as Russian foreign agents.

Génesis Peduto, former lawyer of Vaskenkov (aka “Juan Lázaro”) said that she spoke by telephone with them and that they are planning to move to Lima.

“She said they are being treated well, but it’s hard for her because she does not speak the language,” noted Peduto.

She told the press that the couple also spoke to their children, Waldo Mariscal and Juan José Lázaro, who plan to stay in the U.S.

They both are about to receive their belongings, which were seized by the police when it rallied their parent’s house, and have gone to the Red Cross to get accommodation.

According to Peláez lawyers, the Russian government offered her a monthly stipend of US $ 2,000, a house and the possibility of traveling to any other country, and also visas for her children; but she wants to go back to Lima.

Waldo Mariscal is a architect looking for a job, and Juan Jose Lazaro may receive help from the government since he is only 17.

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