Video: Planting Trees In Manu National Park


Reynaldo Ochoa works with the Crees Foundation to bring sustainability to Manu National Park by educating communities and planting trees. This is his inspiring message.

“When I look over the jungle, my home, I worry about our future” says Reynaldo Ochoa at the opening of this short film produced by National Geographic. He continues by saying that “when I first came, we cut down trees to make crops, and moved to new places after destroying the land.”

In this beautiful short film, Reynaldo Ochoa explains how it became essential for him change his ways. That’s why he started planting trees, and traveling around the regions of Manu National Park in order to help people to live more sustainiby. “All of the world begins with a seed,” he shares at the end of the film.

What do you think? Does this film inspire you? What projects do you know of in the jungle regions of Peru that have similar aims to promote sustainability?

Find out more: The Crees Foundation in Manu National Park


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