Vientos Del Sur Premieres December 6


We all have memories of our childhood days; people and places we left behind. Some return back to that very place where you spent your early years, at least for a while, or maybe forever; who knows. In the movie ‘Vientos del Sur’ (South Winds), from the Director, Franco García Becerra, Nina, the protagonist played by Carolina Niño de Guzmán, returns to the family estate property south of Cuzco following an emergency call, but ends up slowly reconnecting with her roots.

The film shows a different Cuzco, far from the one tourists get to know. It explores the realities of rural contemporary Cuzco, its people and local traditions. The stunning beauty of the Andean landscape is fully captured in the film while the beautiful music provides the perfect complement to this well-accomplished movie.

This film marks the comeback of the Cusqueño film industry after nearly thirty years of absence. The Director, Franco García, is a Cusco native as well as most actors, musicians and technicians. The movie was produced in Cusco and filmed in the Checacupe district in the southern valley.

Vientos del Sur has been made possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and several sponsor companies in Cusco. It has participated in various cinema festivals in Peru and abroad. The Avant Premier and Red Carpet event will be held this December 3 in Cineplanet Real Plaza in Cusco, and the movie will be shown in cinemas across the country as of December 6.



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