Viral Video: Peruvians Celebrate Goals On Ecuador at Funeral


Even the passing of a loved one couldn’t take away the elation Peruvians feel over the historic victory against Ecuador on Tuesday.

If you want to understand what soccer means to Peruvians, take a look at this video.

Tuesday’s historic victory over Ecuador was the first in Atahualpa Stadium in Quito since 1996. It also kept Peru’s Russia 2018 World Cup hopes alive as they stand in 4th place with 24 points.

The reaction to this victory in Peru was enthusiastic, to say the least. Crowds of people celebrated in the streets, in bars, in homes and…at funerals?

The video below went viral over the past days and has been reported by newspapers from the United Kingdom and across Latin America, among others. It shows a crowd of Peruvians watching the match on television at a funeral as a casket lies just meters away and celebrating when their team scores a goal.

Perhaps the passed loved one would have been proud. At least their team won and everyone had a good time at their funeral…

Check out the video below courtesy of Zoza HD on Youtube.

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Mike Dreckschmidt

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