Visits to Machu Picchu: Will it Be Closed for the 2017 Census?


Cusco’s Directorate of Culture announced that the archaeological centers of the region will be open.

Among the open archaeological centers are the Inca Trails of Machupicchu, the Llaqta of Machupicchu as well as archaeological parks like Choquequirao, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Pisaq, Raqchi, and others.  All of these centers will be normally attended this Sunday 22 of October, the day of the Census 2017.

Vidal Pino Zambrano, head of this entity, reported that the workers of these archaeological places in Cusco will be specially registered.

“On the Inca Trail and in the Llaqta of Machupicchu itself, the personnel responsible for visitor controlling, monitoring and doing maintenance will work normally. They will be registered in their place of work and in advance,” said the official in a statement.

He indicated that on Sunday 22, tickets will be sold normally to enter Machu Picchu’s Cultural Center. In addition, the archaeological parks of Choquequirao, Huchuy Qosqo, and Raqchi will be open as well. Ticket sales personnel and visitor entrance controllers will work normally.

“Everything has been arranged so that attention to tourists will be normal on the day of the 2017 Census, but also to have the staff registered by INEI in advance,” said Pino Zambrano.

Given the new discoveries in Cusco, it is becoming an even more attractive touristic destination than it was before.

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