Wanderland: Pop-up dinner at Matria


Arlette is in Wanderland, with a professional culinary career that spans a decade, and stretches from South America to Europe -from Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Brazil, and back. Unlike Alice in Wonderland, or Red Riding Hood, this fantastic tale does not leave our heroine wandering alone, but in fact with the help of a few wildly talented friends and a clear vision of exactly where they are going.

Chef and co-owner of fine-dining restaurant Matria, Arlette Eulert has recruited a team of all-stars to take part in Wanderland (December 16), an event inspired by the dark forests of childhood stories. Women will be in charge of this marvelous night, counting with Mónica Kisic (of IK), Karime Lopez (Central Restaurante), Maria Paula Baldiviezo (Astrid & Gastón), Michelle Jurado, sommelier Gabriela de Almenara and Thalia Talavera, of Sibaris, at the bar.

And what would a fairy tale be without a happy ending? Recent top three finisher of San Pellegrino’s Young Chef 2015 competition, Maria José Jordan (Amáz) will be taking care of the desserts along with Jaqueline Pedrassoli, making sure no one leaves with an unsatisfied sweet tooth.

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The eight-course menu will be full of seasonal berries, exotic mushrooms, eggs, poultry and game birds to name just a few of the ingredients, all to be perfectly paired with cocktails, wines and non-alcoholic beverages. No wands or magic spells here, however each chef will be using a secret ingredient, inspired by the forest.

Although this event was organized in part with Lima Pop Up Restaurant, multiple times a year Matria holds events, in which the dishes served are always inspired by the theme, as is the music and decoration; a full sensory experience for the guests. In May 2014, Matria held Noche de Cervezas Artesanales, a night dedicated to craft beer and the perfect pairing.

The soundtrack to the December event will be provided by the modern instrumentals of Eric Maltz and the smooth and syrupy vocals of Cristina Valentina _(take a listen in the video below)_.

While the female power is hard to miss, Arlette, who describes her own culinary style as creative cooking,’ does not mean it to be a separation of sexes but rather an exquisite night during which guests and chefs alike will be asked to stretch their imagination.

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_Cristina Valentina, one of the performing guests at Wanderland, with Happy State of Mind _

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