Want to travel with your friends? Here are 5 Peruvian destinations


1. >Mancora
Starting up north in Mancora, this Pacific Ocean beach town has much to offer with great seafood, surfing and marine life.

2. >Lima
The capital of Peru will always be one of the main tourist attractions. With more than 7 million inhabitants, Lima has a stunning offer in entertainment, perfect to complete all the requirements on a trip with friends.

3. Cusco and >Machu Picchu
This attraction is the main reason most tourists come to Peru. However to not miss the true essence of the city, visit places like the Mercado de San Pedro or the Wanchaq Fair and walk through San Blas to the doors of Sacsayhuamán. Then visit Machu Picchu, either by train, bus, or by foot as you go along the famous Inca Trail.

4. >Ica
This small town in southern Peru is famous for having a desert that resembles the stories of those who describe salvation in the midst of a sea of sand. In fact, the main attraction here is just that, the Oasis of Huacachina.

5. >Arequipa
The tour continues to the south for the last stop in Arequipa: the perfect combination of urban entertainment and outdoor activities. In addition, on almost every street you can catch and ride to Colca Canyon which of course is a must.Thanks to the diversity of Peru there are many places to visit, including the following sites which are best when visited with friends.



Natasha grew up in a suburb of Chicago and moved to Peru two years ago and studied Bilingual Administrative Assistance and General Management at the British Academy. In her spare time she loves to be with family and her maltese, Maya.