Watch How Lightning Impacted a Plane Flying From the Netherlands to Lima (VIDEO)


The impressive video became a trend on Youtube.

Just moments after the KLM plane took off at the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport a lighting strike hit the plane and caused a lot of tension and panic among the passengers.

The video has earned a lot of popularity although most of it only shows the takeoff, by the end of the video it is possible to see the lightning striking. Users have shared it on different social platforms.

Users were wondering what happened to the plane after the lighting…

According to the scientific journal National Geographic, fortunately, the incident did not cause any consequences and the passengers were able to arrive in Lima without any other setbacks or injuries.

It is worth mentioning that being able to withstand a lightning strike such as this one is evidence of the quality of airplanes created nowadays. Nonetheless, it was still a very frightening event.

What do you think about this? Could you imagine being on a plane while a lightning strikes? How do you think you would react?

(Source. Photo: Capture from the video)



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