Watch the Video FIFA Made for the Peruvian Team (VIDEO)


In only 10 hours we will know who is going to the World Cup.

The most important day of the year has arrived. The journey that is “Peru’s last chance to qualify”, began with the goal Paolo Guerrero scored against Colombia and continued to New Zealand where the Peruvians were unable to score, and now, a must-win game at the national stadium in Lima at 9:15 pm.

It is worth mentioning that Peru has not been able to qualify for the last 9 World Cups, making a total of 35 years absent from what is the most important football championship in the world.

It has not been an easy road for Peru. They lost their star player Paolo Guerrero due to adverse results in an anti-doping test.

Players also gave their opinion regarding the opportunity to go to the World Cup:

“It’s something very nice. Since I was a child I always watched the World Cups and I always wanted to participate in one. I am on that path, and I’m very grateful for that, “says Central Defender Alberto Rodríguez

Winger Edison Flores also expressed his feelings about the situation, “It’s a dream, a very big dream for us to reach that goal. It is an indescribable feeling, I don’t know what name should I give to it, but I would be very happy to go to the World Cup”.

Both players also had words of praise for coach Ricardo Gareca, the Argentinian credited with masterminding Peru’s run to the World Cup.

How do you plan to celebrate if Peru wins?

(Source) (Photo from ARchive)




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