Wendy’s to embark venture in Peru this year


Chile recently opened its first Wendy’s, and Peru is next in line to develop the fast food chain’s market.

The same company that operates KFC and China Wok in Chile and Argentina, Degasa, opened the first Wendy’s establishment in Chile. Peru is not far behind in the trend according to Gestion

Our plan in this period is to be the leading operators of food of the southern cone, i.e., of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Peru, the CEO of Degasa, Jorge Gustavson, told Gestion.

Degasa plans to open two more stores in 2015 and between three to five locations each year for the next 10 years, bringing their number between 30-50 stores by 2025. This calls for nearly US$ 2.5 million to US$ 4 million in annual investments, according to the executive.

The first local built in Chile took nearly US$ 2 million to execute and was placed in the eastern region of Santiago. The next target location will be in one of the main shopping areas of the capital and later in 2017, Wendy’s will expand further outside the capital.

The Santiago establishment is estimated to make around US$ 3 million in sales in its first year.

Soon, in the third term of this year, Peru will for the first time open the doors to its very own Wendy’s in Lima.Watch out KFC Wendy’s is coming to town.