What Will Peru’s Official Name Be In 2019?


Every year the Peruvian President assigns an official name to the country since 1963 and in the coming days, Vizcarra is expected to make this announcement.

“The Official Name of the year 2019, a nomenclature that will be used in the next 12 months and that will be published by means of a Supreme Decree in the newspaper El Peruano” is part of a tradition that takes place in the first days of January, according to information from Perú 21.

This official name will appear as a letterhead in official documents in public offices.

“It is expected that in the coming days, President Vizcarra will announce the official name of this year for Peru (…) Last November, the Bureau of Parliamentarians Women of Peru (MMPP) of Congress proposed that the official name of 2019 be ‘Year of struggle against violence against women and the eradication of femicide’”, the aforementioned media explained.

In addition to this proposal came another from the Ombudsman’s Office that since October has the campaign #DeUnaVezPorTodas so that 2019 will be the “Year for equality and non-violence against girls and women“.

Here’s a list of official names Peru has had in the past ten years:

2009: Year of the National Union against the External Crisis.
2010: Year of the Economic and Social Consolidation of Peru.
2011: Year of the Centennial of Machu Picchu for the World.
2012: Year of National Integration and recognition of our diversity.
2013: Year of Investment for rural development and food security.
2014: Year of the Promotion of responsible industry and climate commitment.
2015: Year of productive diversification and strengthening of education.
2016: Year of the Consolidation of the Grau Sea.
2017: Year of Good Citizen Service.
2018: Year of Dialogue and National Reconciliation.

What do you think would make a good name for Peru this year?

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