Which countries consume the most Peruvian pisco?



France was the country that imported the most pisco in January 2011. (Photo: El Comercio/Sebastián Castañeda)

The recent recognition that Peru’s national liquor has received internationally, as well as the increase in exports, leads to a natural question: Which countries consume the most Peruvian pisco?

According to numbers from Peru’s exports association, this past January, pisco exports totaled $120,174, a whopping 97 percent increase compared to January of 2010.

Surprisingly, France has positioned itself in first place on the ranking, with orders totaling $39,291, or 33 percent of the total. It left the United States, traditional leader in imports, in second place, with $29,823 or 25 percent.

Chile took third with $20,625, representing a 50 percent decrease with respect to last January. Following Chile are Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua and Hong Kong.

The main Peruvian pisco exporting companies are Viña Tacama S.A., Puro Perú S.A.C., Zijals Agro S.A.C., González Lattini López Fernando, Qeros Perú S.A.C. and Sociedad Agrícola Don Luis S.A., among others.

From January to December 2010, pisco exports reached $2 million, representing a 49 percent increase over 2009’s $1.3 million, and a 33 percent increase over 2008’s $1.5 million before the international financial crisis.

Last year, the United States and Chile lead the list for pisco markets with a total of $790,000 and $335,000, respectively. They were followed by Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Japan, France, Brazil, Germany and South Korea.