Wild Cat Catches a Parrot in Peru’s Jungle (VIDEO)

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

A group of tourists is shocked by a hunting ocelot as it pounces on a red and green macaw in the Manu Biosphere Reserve.

A group of unsuspecting tourists followed their guide into the jungle of the Manu Biosphere Reserve of Peru to a clay wall where parrots come to feast.

They were not prepared for what happened next.

Out of nowhere, an ocelot snagged one of the red and green macaws for lunch and dragged it off into the forest.  Not many tourists ever see something like that, but anything is possible in the deep reserves of Madre de Dios, Peru’s southern rainforest region.

If you are distressed by animals eating other animals, you may want to avoid this video.  This is raw nature.

Video courtesy of Tambo Blanquillo – Private Reserve on Youtube




Mike Dreckschmidt

Mike grew up and eventually attended university in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He graduated in Integrative Leadership Studies with an emphasis in Urban and Regional Planning and has been a part of planning projects in three different countries. Mike’s passion is reading; he devours both literature and nonfiction. His favorite author is Peru’s own Julio Ramón Ribeyro.