There Will Be Another Protest for Pardon Granted to Fujimori (VIDEO)


The group called “Keiko No Va” (Keiko Will Not Go) requested a new protest against pardon to Alberto Fujimori for today.

The protests against the pardon in favor of former president Alberto Fujimori do not stop after the numerous manifestation of citizens during last Monday, another one was summoned for today, Thursday 28 of December.

The collective ‘Keiko No Va’ made the call for a new mass expression, scheduled for today from 5:00 in the afternoon, against the decision of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to grant humanitarian pardon to former President Alberto Fujimori.

The place selected for the protest which will be called ‘National March Fujimori Never More’ will once again be the San Martín Square in the Center of Lima.

As it is remembered, last Sunday Alberto Fujimori, who was serving a sentence for crimes against humanity in the Diroes prison, received the humanitarian pardon and right of grace that frees him from his imprisonment.

This is a footage from the last protest against pardon granted to Alberto Fujimori:

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