Which Will be the Best-Paid Sector in 2018?


These are the sectors projecting a better remuneration for employees in 2018.

It is worth mentioning that around 16.2 million people are working in Peru right now, with 6.8 million people belonging to private sector companies, according to the media. The projection of salaries in 2018 for employees in middle positions will stay at a similar level. To set the salary many aspects such as the economic situation of the country and the organization itself should be taken into account.

According to Aptitus, the Commerce Sector is projected to pay from S/ 1,200 to S / 17,000 next year. Other sectors that contemplate a greater remuneration are engineering and construction ones, where their assistants would earn a minimum of S / 1,155 and managers up to S / 12,000. Finally, it is relevant to stress that the level of specialization and the functions performed by professionals in each industry greatly determine how much they will be remunerated.

For example, a general accountant in the agricultural sector receives a monthly salary of S / 1,800 soles, in the state sector S / 4,800 and in the commerce sector up to S / 7,000.

It is important to emphasize that the information published in the journal Aptitus uses the Adecco database on the projection of salaries of average positions of the main ten industries for the year 2018 and figures of the number of workers of the Ministry of Labor and Promotion of Employment.

Do you think this is ok or should companies pay higher?

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