It will be an Obligation to Have a Life-Saving Backpack at Home

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Measurements. Officers from Tacna prepare for a major earthquake in the south.

Along with other provisions such as strengthening hospitals and schools, the Regional Emergency Operations Center (Coer) from Tacna agreed that municipalities must oblige the houses to have a life-saving backpack. If the household does not do so, they will be fined. Such life-saving backpacks should contain items that will aid survival in the case of a disaster.

Authorities declared the preventive alert and agreed to designate October 6 (today) as the Day of Prevention.

In the meeting that lasted almost 4 hours, the mayors supported the agreement of the life-saving backpack but upon retiring they were doubtful about applying these types of norms. The meeting also noted that the city lacks a microzoning study to determine the high-risk sectors.

The Ciudad Nueva district, considered at risk, has a humanitarian aid warehouse. The representative of the Civil Defense Institute questioned the building of a warehouse there, due to the fact that there is no study of soil types in these districts.

Further, the Private University of Tacna presented a study carried out by engineers José Acero and Dina Cotrado, which shows that 94% of homes are built with Blockler 2, cement blocks and adobe blocks. All those materials are vulnerable to an earthquake.

This shows that local municipalities perform an inefficient inspection of housing constructions.

What do you think about life-saving backpacks? Do you think they will be useful in case of emergency?

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