What Will be the Official Name of 2018 in Peru?


As it happens every year, Peru is already discussing the name of the year in course.

2017 was a very important year for Peruvian culture, economy, and general development. It can be considered an intense year in political terms since Marcelo Odebrecht’s declarations triggered a series of actions that ended up in an extraordinary session in Congress debating the impeachment President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. At the end, congressmen trying to vacate PPK were fewer than expected and PPK will continue as head of state while being investigated in depth.

The year ended with a humanitarian pardon being granted to former President Alberto Fujimori due to his health status, an action that triggered many protests in the center of Lima and other places of the city. Regarding the economy, Peru’s financial development keeps growing line in previous years.

However, it is a new year already and as it has always been since 1963, the Government must choose a name to denominate the year in course. For instance, 2016 was named “Year of the consolidation of the Sea of Grau” while 2017 was named “Year of good service for the citizen”. Among the names that have been proposed for 2018, the most important one seems to be “Year of equality and no violence for women”, a proposal that seems very accurate taking into account how the fight against domestic violence has turned into such important topic for Peru during the last year.

What do you think is an accurate name for 2018?

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Aris Sandrea

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