Will Paolo Play the Second Match Against New Zealand?


While many fans remain hopeful, there are very little chances of seeing “The Predator” playing this Wednesday against New Zealand.

We have followed Paolo’s case since the beginning. Not having their captain and the player who scored the goal that gave Peru the last chance to qualify for the World Cup is a very shocking experience for the whole country. As we reported last week, the anti-doping test done to Paolo came back with inconclusive results which led to his suspension by FIFA for 40 days (you can catch the whole report here).

Part B of the test was taken over the weekend that revealed yet again, an adverse result that indicates the presence of benzoylecgonine, a cocaine metabolite used to produce analgesics.

It is worth mentioning that Paolo has been presenting health complications such as an Edema he had 2 weeks ago.

With the part B of the test coming back with an adverse result, it is very hard for Paolo to get the sanction lifted before this Wednesday. However, it is also true that the level of “coca” found in the exam is very low and can be attributed to a cross-over contamination between medical products. Paolo may have drunk infusions contaminated with coca but he never did it on purpose. These are the two arguments Paolo’s defense have so far.

Do you think the result of the first match would have been different had Paolo played it?

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