What Will the Pope Eat During His Visit in Peru?


Just a month and a few days before the visit of Pope Francis, diet and clothes are among the priorities of organizers.

Pope Francis will visit Peru for the first time next year. Stopping at three cities of Peru and the expectation for his arrival is growing day by day. President PPK has already stated that the Pope will be honored once he arrives in Peru.

In less than 50 days, the Pope will be on Peruvian soil from January 18 to 21, 2018.

Taking into account that he will be in several cities, many wonder what the Holy Father will eat. In this article, you can have some information on how Trujillo is preparing for the visit.

The Apostolic Nuncio in Peru Nicola Girasoli announced that the Supreme Pontiff always asks to have typical dishes of the country he visits included in his diet, but he wants them to be according to his healthy diet.

Thus, Girasoli said that Pope Francis likes fish and meat and since Peruvian food is so famous in the world, he wants to taste it. In this way, he confirmed that he will be tasting the typical dish of our country, ceviche.

Monsignor Nicola Girasoli also added that the food consumed by Pope Francis in Peru will be prepared by nuns and that they will follow a series of indications to preserve the pontiff’s health.

What Peruvian dish do you think Pope Francis would like the most?

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