Workers of Minedu Marched through Miraflores


Carrying red flags, dozens of employees belonging to the Ministry of Education held a demonstration through the different streets of the district that is located in the south of Lima.

The march occurred at noon on Sunday, October 29.

“What is happening? Where is the police? What does this mean? Are there dozens of people who march very disciplined with red flags? They are at the corner of Avenida Benavides with Jiron Porta. They shout slogans similar to those of the violent times that the country suffered in the nineties,” reported a citizen who preferred anonymity to La Republica.

“I was enjoying a very cool half day, I was walking with my grandchildren when suddenly we were amazed to see many people with red flags. They ran as if someone were chasing them. We were speechless and amazed,” said another neighbor of the Miraflores district.

As reported by the complainants, they were calling the district police station, but no one responded. They also made it known that at no time did they notice the presence of police officers along with the demonstrators. Then, in social networks, it was possible to notice other photographs in which the citizens reported that it was a march of the administrative staff of several schools in Lima.

Strikes and marches are becoming more popular around Lima, here you can check the last time teachers decided to go out and protest.

What do you think is the reason behind so many protests? 

Source translated from Spanish to English

Photo by La Republica

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