World Cup Update: Argentina V Switzerland, Belgium V USA


Welcome back to World Cupdates with Rachel Chase, Peru this Week’s Resident American.

*Argentina 1 Switzerland 0*

This Round of 16 has certainly proven an exciting one– a number of games have either been decided late into the second half, and several more had to be determined with shootouts. Well-matched teams have butted heads, and fans across the world have had their hearts broken as their talented sides were forced to travel the long road home.

The Argentina-Switzerland game was no exception. While Argentina was generally expected to win, as Switzerland’s performance early in the tournament had been uneven, the Swiss were able to hold the Argentines off until minute 118, when Angel di Maria scored the game’s only goal, aided by star Lionel Messi.

The Albiceleste moves on to the quarterfinals, and Switzerland will have to pack their bags and get on a plane.

*Belgium 2 United States 1*

Belgium was undefeated so far in the tournament, whereas the US had a win, a draw, and a loss on their scorecards at this point.

Just like the Argentine-Swiss faceoff, the game went on for more than 90 minutes with no goals scored– so the teams entered into extra time.

US goalkeeper Tim Howard showed off his impressive saving skills, blocking shot after shot from the Belgian team. Then, right at the beginning of overtime, Kevin de Bruyne of Belgium scored, giving him and his stupid team the stupid lead and causing Hannah Vickers to jump when I shouted “NOOO!” upon witnessing the goal. Teammate Romelu Lukaku scored again at minute 105.

In minute 107, however, American winger Julian Green, a baby-faced 19-year-old from Tampa, scored the States’ only goal of the game.

And with that, Americans will now ignore soccer for another four years. It’s been fun, my international friends, but now it’s time to get back to baseball season. See you in Russia!Argentine and Belgian fans are celebrating, whereas Swiss fans are lamenting their loss and Americans are back to being completely indifferent about soccer.



Rachel Chase is a proud born-and-bred Minnesotan who’s moved to Lima after graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College with a double major in Spanish and Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies. During her junior year of college, Rachel studied in Peru and loved it so much that she just had to come back. As well as being a dedicated News Editor, Rachel plays the ukulele and sings, as well as trying to devour as many books as she can.