World Cup update: Australia V Spain, Netherlands V Chile, Cameroon V Brazil, Croatia V Mexico


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Villa’s teammates, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata, scored goals at minutes 69 and 82, respectively.

*Croatia 1 Mexico 3*

_Viva Mexico!_

Mexico won today against Croatia, three goals to one. As with some of the weekend games we saw, the goals weren’t scored until relatively late in the game, all in the second half. The first goal was scored by Mexican player Rafael Marquez in minute 72, and was followed at minute 75 by a goal from Andres Guardado and a goal in minute 82 by Javier Hernandez. The only Croatian goal was scored at minute 87, by Ivan Perisic.

Mexico has been having a pretty excellent World Cup, especially after defying expectations and tying against Brazil thanks to apparently superhuman goalie Guillermo Ochoa. Their win against Croatia means they’ll advance– but their next opponent is the Netherlands, which could either make for a decisive victory for the Dutch or a very exciting match for viewers around the world.

*The Netherlands 2 Chile 0*

_Dutch ya think it’s getting a little Chile in here?_

While Peru and Chile maintain a sometimes not-so-friendly rivalry, Peruvians will generally support their neighbors to the south in international sporting events, especially if they’re playing against a European team.

For my American readers, it’s sort of like how Minnesota Vikings fans will cheer on Green Bay in the Super Bowl if we Vikes failed to make the cut. We hate each other during the season, but, when it comes down to it, we’re there to cheer our neighbors on.

So it was a bit of a disappointment, if more or less expected, when Chile lost 0-2 against the powerful Dutch.

The deciding goals were scored by Leroy Fer at minute 77 and Memphis Depay in minute 90 + 2. Both teams will move on; Chile will face Brazil on Saturday, and, as mentioned above, the Netherlands will play against Mexico on Sunday.

*Cameroon 1 Brazil 4*

_And we’ll root, root, root for the home team– if they don’t win it’s a shame!_

My dear readers will have to forgive me for so liberally mixing sports in this report; as an American I’m not as familiar with football as I could be, so my sports metaphors are mostly centered around baseball (Here we go Twins!). However, the basic principle is the same. Brazil is the proverbial “home team,” and it’s hard not to hope for their triumph.

Luckily, for sentimental viewers like me, Brazil defeated Cameroon 4-1. Brazilian star Neymar scored two goals, at minutes 17 and 35, and his teammates Fred and Fernando Ruiz Roza added to the total in minutes 49 and 84.

The Cameroonian team did manage to get one goal in in minute 26, thanks to Joel Matip. However, that early goal wasn’t enough to hold them against the home team.

As mentioned above, Brazil will next face Chile, and Cameroon, after losing its third game straight, is out of contention.

*Tuesday’s games are Costa Rica V England (Group D)and Italy V Uruguay (Group D) at 11 a.m., and Greece V Ivory Coast (Group C) and Japan V Colombia at 3 p.m. (All times in Peruvian standard time). Visit Peru this Week’s Sports blog each day at 8 p.m. for the day’s updates.*Keep up to date with the World Cup on Peru this Week’s Sports blog Daily updates at 8 p.m.



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