World Cup update: Belgium V Algeria, Brazil V Mexico, Russia V Korea


World Cup fever continues today with three games that leave a lot of us losing some bets.

*Belgium 2 Algeria 1*

Belgium suffered more than expected. Though they defeated Algeria by 2-1 at the start of Group H, they didn’t do as well as they could have and were behind for most of the match.

Belgium promised a good game, but only defeated the Algerians by the bare minimum. The Algerians surprised football fans, by taking the lead in the 25th minute of the first half with a penalty from Feghouli. As the minutes passed, Belgium made ​the shot and switched up the game to a tie with the helping hand of Fellaini, and Mertens turned it around just minutes from final.

*Mexico 0 Brazil 0*

The best match of the day came from the Mexico v Brazil game, with an outstanding performance by Ochoa. The Brazilian team could not have won the game even with all the chances to score, thanks to Guillermo Ochoa’s determination not to let anything past him, and the game ended in an a 0-0 tie.

This wasn’t the first time that Brazil struggled against Mexico, and some commentators say they were lucky to draw.

The most memorable moment from Mexico came in the shape of Fortaleza Castelao against Brazil. El Tri shared credits with the favorite to win the World Cup on a night where Guillermo Ochoa was the hero of Three.

The Brazilian team looked more like they had stage fright that dissipated as they controlled the midfield. It was only in the 13th minute when the real fear for El Tri arrived. Marcelo did not stop trying tricks, but only found rebounds.

Brazil may have had a healthy lead in the first 15 minutes of the match, but ‘Cielito Lindo’ soon took that away from them. Hector Herrera pulled a forehand long distance aimed at the top of the goal, forcing Julio Cesar to play. But no play throughout the first half got anyone as excited as in the 25th minute, when Neymar’s cross from the right got fans’ hopes up. The ball was destined for the bottom of the net, but didn’t stand a chance against Guillermo Ochoa’s attentive keeping.

Brazil continued to try to push, but lost out in the extra time.

*Russia 1 Korea 2*

Korea was up after a terrible mistake from the opposing goalie, and Russia had to retreat. A revolutionary match among the last teams to make presentation in the World Cup; where Russia and South Korea who drew 1-1 in the Pantanal Arena.

In a match outset, none could do more damage in the first half. The excitement came in the counterpart and a revolution in the game from both teams. It was South Korea who went up on the scoreboard after a terrible mistake from Akinfeev to 68 minutes; Keun-Ho Lee took a shot from outside the box to the position of Russian archer; however, guilty of overconfidence and the ball folded hands that embeds in the background to the astonishment of those present.

The team coached by Fabio Capello had no other option than the front tip; and eight minutes later the score matching achieved through freshman Aleksandr Kerzhakov. With this result, both Russian and South Korean units divided and placed behind Belgium, but ahead of Algeria in Group H of the World.

For the next round, Russia will clash with Belgium while South Korea will face Algeria.

*Wednesday’s games are Australia V Netherlands (Group B), at 11 a.m., Spain V Chile (Group B) at 2 p.m., and Cameroon V Croatia (Group A), at 6 p.m. (All times in Peruvian standard time). Visit Peru this Week’s Sports blog each day at 8 p.m. for the day’s updates.*Keep up to date with the World Cup on Peru this Week’s Sports blog Daily updates at 8 p.m.