Young Peruvian is a standout in U.S. tennis


When I think about sports, I can’t help thinking about all those young Peruvian athletes who proudly represent Peru and always work hard to bring home trophies. And it has not always been an easy road; while some found the money and support to excel, others have struggled, especially because previous governments have not always been committed to the development of sports in this country. In order to achieve success, many Peruvians have had to work extra hard, and all of them practice day and night in order to achieve their goals. That discipline is the key for many athletes such as Sofia Mulanovich, Kina Malpartida, the Cori siblings, Akio Tamashiro and so many others who honored the name of Peru with their performance and high level of competition.

I am convinced that this will be the case of Dominique Schaefer, a 13-year-old tennis player who lives in California and is proud of her Peruvian heritage. She’s already creating buzz with wins in some major tournaments that have landed her at the top of the United States Tennis Association’s singles rankings for her age group.

Peru this Week and The Break had the chance to interview this smart and disciplined girl.