YOUTUBE: Americans get tested on Latin American geography


A Youtube video reveals the knowledge of five different people regarding the map of Latin America, and find that they should have paid more attention in grade school.

The video entitled, People Who SUCK at Latin American Geography’ was created by FLAMA a comedic and informative site created for and by Latinos, according to their About page.

The participants include three men and two women who each express great embarrassment at their lack of familiarity with Latin American countries and their locations, let alone basic geographical knowledge.

At one point a contestant confesses, I’m trying to think, does Peru feel like a small one or a big one?

Another says, Oh there’s Colombia too in there somewhere.’

A third contestant asks what the circle on the southern border of Peru is and a FLAMA member says, Lake Titicaca.’ The contestant responds to that by saying,
Is it a country?’

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