YOUTUBE: Natalia Málaga, Everlast sexual harassment campaign goes viral


A YouTube video posted last November featuring Natalia Málaga in an Everlast campaign against street sexual harassment in Peru has gone viral.

The English version of the video that stages men sexually harassing their disguised mothers in the street has more than 1,700,000 views while the original version has more than 5,000,000 on YouTube and is gaining speed.

According to _El Pais_ the video is a set-up to demonstrate the issue of sexual street harassment experienced by the majority of women in Peru

The idea of the documentary is actually based on interviews with men who had unfortunately committed this hideous gesture toward their female relatives in real life.

In the video, two separate mother-son pairs are set-up in cat-calling scenarios that end with shameful sons, a fake wig, and one purse-slap.

Here is the original:

_ Silbale a tu madre con Natalia Málaga (oficial)_

Here is the English version:

_Whistling At Your Mom_Natalia Málaga hosts a video campaigning against sexual harassment in Peru.