Zavala and His 10 Quotes to Parliament


As Congress debated Fernando Zavala, president of the Council of Ministers “issue of confidence” last night, here are 10 quotes of Zavala’s request that he presented to Parliament.

"Recent weeks have shown the intention of the distinct fronts of undermining a policy of State fundamentals for this Government and for the millions of students and their parents: the reform of education"(Photo: El Comercio)
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The chief of Cabinet alluded to criticism against the magisterial career law, rejected by several state teachers’ unions that promoted a long indefinite strike, and the announcement of the opposition majority in the Congress, the Fujimorist Fuerza Popular, to request the censorship of Marilú Martens, head of Education.

The prime minister also added that this crucial education reform “is being threatened by radical groups” and warned that “we can not fall into the game of extremists, nor give them a minister as a trophy.”

“The quality of the education of our students is at stake, do not put that future in jeopardy due to conjunctural issues,” he noted.

Fernando Zavala also stated that “when it becomes a public intention for the second time to censor who is in charge of the educational policy, the country can not continue to move forward.”


This news has been translated directly from El Comercio. 



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