Vizcarra Focuses On Economic Issues During His First Month As President


The President has focused on economic matters through initiatives in the regions of the country.

Today Vizcarra celebrates his first month as President, after taking office in the midst of a political crisis that led to the resignation of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on March 21.

With initiatives to reactivate the economy and with an emphasis on the regions, Vizcarra has focused on retrieving the confidence of the population to return to the authorities, he said according to La Tercera.

The former president resigned as a result of the scandal unleashed by the businesses of his companies with the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht and the disclosure of compromising videos of alleged exchanges of political favors by votes in Congress. In his role as vice-president, Vizcarra took office two days after PPK (Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki) resigned.”, this media explained.

In order for Vizcarra to regain the confidence of the public opinion, he told the media that he has a team willing to work intensely, with a lot of transparency and honesty.

“Little time has passed, but his ministers have expressed quite clear political lines. The Economy Minister has already proposed a program of greater austerity in State spending. A climate change law has been given.”, said analyst Mirko Lauer to La Tercera.

One of the main focuses of Vizcarra’s management so far has been the revitalization of the economy through initiatives in the regions. He announced last week that he will allocate 1,300 million soles ($400 million US dollars) to regional governments to reactivate local economies and promote infrastructure, sanitation, and transportation.

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