An Insider’s Perspective of CasaCor 2018: Words From The Creators


Here are the ins and outs of this year’s CasaCor, as told by those who’ve designed spaces for this year’s festival.

(Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)
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What is CasaCor?

Casa Cor, the biggest exhibition of architecture, interior design and landscape of the
Americas recently opened for its 23rd edition in a beautiful house located in San Isidro. The subject this year is “La Casa Viva” or “The Living House”, where materials, living plants, and landscape have main priority. 50 professionals gathered to show 37 spaces with different expressions by using unique furniture, new and trendy materials, colors, plants, lamps, textures, photos, sculptures in an amazing display of diversity and talent. 

This year Casa Cor is helping to create awareness about the global issue of plastic pollution by avoiding plastic drinking straws. Casa Cor is not only embracing sustainability, but the organization continues to work on social responsibility by supporting the Ann Sullivan Center. Liliana Mayo, director of Ann Sullivan, engages in breathtaking and generous work with disadvantaged children; something she’s been doing for many years.

Here some examples of what you can see at Casa Cor!

Nomadic House- Alvaro Castro & Ro De Rivero

(Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

Ann Sullivan Store Designer: LAP-Global-

Q: Tell us about this project

To access this space is like stepping into a futurist cave: A parallel, endless, parametric universe. It has been made by two kilometers of pipes that have been intricately designed into a beautiful structure. The design shows functional versatility and spatial efficiency by working with lighting, using intuitive design techniques to divide spaces for supporting their intended use. The displayed products seem weightless, because of the scarcity of surfaces. This also gives a light character to the amusing, yellow structure.

(Photo: LAP Global)

Q: Tell us something about your background, your story

We are designers, makers, researchers, and teachers. We have degrees in architecture, we enjoy traveling, we enjoy culture, arts, and design of different sorts. We work with LAP Global Design


Industrial Loft (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

Q: Tell us about your project

The project started with the challenge to transform a space of 36 sqm, considered a hallway, into an industrial loft. The loft had to be functional, while at the same time working with aesthetics to demonstrate a range of vision. We accomplished this by working with the concepts of circulation, ventilation, and illumination. The space was made for an independent, sophisticated man, who loves art and has good taste. We expressed this by making use of space to create a unique experience for the visitor. We accomplished this by making use of the lighting, the textures, and the materials on display, all of which were themed with colors that ranged from greys to blues. As a final touch, we carefully selected background music that creates a more masculine feel to the space.

(Photo: BAZOSOLARI Arquitectos)

Q: Tell us about your background

BAZOSOLARI is a young architects’ architecture and landscape studio which has been open for over four years. Their architecture is known for its sober themes that harmonize with surrounding landscapes. BAZOSOLARI started as an architectural studio, which they later evolved to include landscape projects and furniture design. Their projects focus on the functional and aesthetic use of space.

Studio with greenhouse

Designer: Porfirio Castro Studio

(Photo: Porfirio Castro Studio)

Q: Tell us about your project, what is your source of inspiration?

This is the fourth time I’ve participated in Casacor, but unlike past years when I’ve worked with a group, this year I am exhibiting alone. The name Studio with greenhouse is inspired by the fast life of a young professional, who after a very busy day and would like to connect with nature.

I’ve designed the space for someone who would like to live with comfort inside a greenhouse so that they are surrounded by a lot of green and plants. I consider my project as a “non-ostentatious luxury”; I like to think that luxury has a different meaning for each person. The concept of luxury for me relies on what makes each person happy. For one person, this could be to have a lot of musical instruments, and for another to have the house filled with books. The room I designed in Casacor is filled with luxury: It is filled with art objects made by Peruvian hands and with living plants. Both of them fascinates me and they match very well.

Studio with greenhouse (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

Q: Tell us about your background, your story.

I’ve worked as an interior designer for the last 15 years, a career that I wanted to have since childhood. When I was young, I changed the furniture and lights in my bedroom, painted the walls with textures, and made drawings. I have lived more than 10 years in the US, where I used to redesign different properties. I have worked for West Elm and designed different corporate spaces. In the US I learned to design with an open mind by working with plants and high-end quality materials. I am now focussed in expanding “Porfirio Castro Studio”, a dream born one year ago. We develop residential and corporative projects.

Come see for yourself! Make a visit to this year’s CasaCor.

Casa Cor is located in Casa Mario Bianco in Santo Toribio 397, San Isidro

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday (12-8pm) to Sunday (12-7pm) Until November 4th.
Entrance fee: Adults

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