Lima Could Be Running Out of Drinking Water


Lima could be running out of drinking water after a chaotic situation last year when several districts ran out of this precious liquid, according to RT.

Jorge Ramírez, commercial head of the Potable Water and Sewerage Service of Lima (Sedapal) thinks that even if Lima is not close to becoming a city without drinkable water, it’s also not far away from it, and this is why we should take the corrective measures to take good care of this resource, he explained.

Currently, Lima has two sources of supply of drinkable water: from the rivers and from the subterranean water. Also, Ramírez said that on last December fewer rains were registered in the Sierra, which if it continues it could become a larger problem in the future.

Sedapal’s commercial head also believes that climate change plays an important role when it comes to Peru’s, and specifically Lima’s drinking water.

“According to standards from the World Health Organization (WHO), one person consumes 100 liters of water per day to satisfy their toilet and nutrition needs”, says RT. They also add that the average Peruvian consumes around 163 liters of water every day and in districts like San Isidro the amount is of 477 per person per day, which is more than 400% of what the WHO recommends.

In order to guarantee the water supply, Ramírez thinks that there should be more infrastructure, specifically of reservoirs that add up to Antacoto and Huascacocha in Junín.

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