Young Spanish Woman Who Disappeared Last Year Was Found In The Peruvian Jungle


Patricia Aguilar, the young Spanish woman from who disappeared in 2017 after reaching the age of majority, has been located in a jungle region of Peru.

“During the operation, Peruvian police have arrested a man accused of leading a satanic sect that held three women captive, including Aguilar, as reported by the Peruvian municipality of Pangoa, where the intervention took place”, you can read today in El País.

Aguilar’s parents denounced that she had joined an apocalyptic sect that uses sexual slaves. They had been in Peru for several weeks trying to speed up the investigations, which led to finally finding their daughter.

The young woman was found with a one-month-old baby and met with her father. The family is already making arrangements to take her back to Spain.

“According to the family’s version, the girl was caught on the Internet by the leader of the Latin American sect Gnosis in Peru. This is Felix Steven Manrique, who calls himself Prince Gurdjeff, and who has also been arrested”, wrote El País.

Aguilar was held captive along with two other women and their children, and they were found living in very bad conditions. They were only given food once a week, according to El País, and were forced to work.

The first step is the attention to the victims, in health, food and psychological assistance, we have asked for support from the Victims Protection Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and also the Ministry of Women, to assist the children by the high degree of malnutrition they present”, explained the head of the Directorate against Trafficking in Persons to El País.

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