Missing Tourist’s Family to Pope: “Please Help Us Find Náthaly”


Náthaly Salazar is a 28-year-old Spanish tourist, originally from Ecuador, who disappeared in Peru on January 2 after visiting archeological ruins near Cuzco. Her family is worried that Pope Francis’ arrival today will overshadow her case and minimize the search for her body.

I am writing to you in despair to find my sister Náthaly Sara Salazar Ayala”, begins the letter Tamara, Náthaly’s sister, sent the Pope today to ask for his help in finding her.

It is believed that Náthaly died accidentally in a tourist attraction that consists on zip lines that go over a mighty river. Apparently her body was thrown into the Vilcanota-Urubamba river by the owner and a worker of the attraction for fear of the consequences.

“My family and all of her friends are living a nightmare. We, from Spain, feel powerless, without being able to do anything”, the letter continues. “All we ask for is to know the truth about what happened to my sister, and for the case to be resolved and the truth to come out”, it goes on.

After a search for Nathaly’s body finally began, Tamara and her family fear that the Pope’s visit to Peru will overshadow her sister’s case, the pressure from the media will diminish, and with it the efforts to find her.

Two suspects have been arrested so far: Jainor Huila Huamán, 19, and Luzgardo Pillcopata Amaru, 21, near Cuzco.

Náthaly had been backpacking for two months in Latin America, something she told her family had been her dream for many years. The last time they heard from her was on January 1st when she told them she has “fine and happy”, according to El País.


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