Augusto Polo Campos Admitted to Miraflores Clinic (VIDEO)


The composer suffered organ failure over the weekend and now remains under observation. His health has been complicated in recent months.

The last big Peruvian artist that left us was Fernando de Szyszlo who passed away last year.

But this time, the famous Peruvian composer Augusto Polo Campos who created emblematic songs such as “And It’s Called Peru”, “Regresa” and “Cariño Malo” was admitted to an emergency clinic in Miraflores due to organ failure. As reported, after being stabilized, the Creole musician remains under observation.

The clinic did not give any details about the health of Polo Campos. His family did not want to give any further detail on his latest relapse. In recent months, his health has suffered complications and due to this, he was admitted on several occasions during 2017.

The legendary composer was born in Puquio, Ayacucho on February 25, 1932. In his early years, he was brought by his parents to the Lima district of Rímac, this was fundamental for his later creations.

Augusto Polo Campos is the only living Peruvian of the five in total honored by the Organization of American States in 1987. The international organization based in Washington also recognized Jesús Vásquez, Arturo ‘Zambo’ Cavero, Óscar Avilés and Luis Abanto Morales.

His musical career is associated with musical duets and trios such as Los Morochucos, Los Rimenses, Los Troveros Criollos and soloists who were his great friends as well: Arturo ‘Zambo’ Cavero, Óscar Avilés and also guitarist Pepe Torres.

Here you can listen to the wonderful song “Cariño Malo”:

Do you like Augusto Polo Campos’ music?

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