Drone Flight Over Caral: Oldest Known City in the Americas (VIDEO)

(Photo: Inca Civilizations/Facebook)

Peru is home to the earliest known civilization in the America’s, Caral.  The remains of the city may still be visited today not far from the country’s capital city of Lima.

Recent expert estimates place the ruins between 4,000 and 5,000 years old.  They are enormous in scale: one of the mounds measures 160 meters long and 18 meters high.

As archaeologist Jonathan Haas remarks to Scientific American “the size of a structure is really an indication of power…it means leaders of society were able to get their followers to do lots of work.”

In the ongoing battle among archaeologists of whether the 1st civilizations in the region evolved on land or on the coast, Caral provides strong evidence that Peru’s coastline is where great leaps of advancement occurred.

Caral is also quite beautiful from above.

Check out this drone video that may inspire you to visit one of Peru’s most essential archaeological sites.  Day-trip tours are available from Lima.

Video courtesy of AmaruTV on Youtube.

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