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There’s nothing like brunch on the weekends. Tragaluz’s Brunch at the Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel will cater to your luxurious side and certainly leave you satisfied.

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It is the weekend. You wake up late. A big yawn, a stretch and you are ready for a cup of coffee and food. As the minutes go by, you cannot wait to have a decent brunch somewhere in a nice place and where you won’t have to be asked to do the dishes. Well, Tragaluz at the Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel has something for you.

The LIP Team decided to visit this elegant hotel located along the Malecón. It wasn’t a sunny day but we still opted to sit down on their lovely terrace full of lush vegetation. The waiter greeted us cordially and offered us their brunch menu.

We started with an illycaffè cappuccino, a fresh hierba luisa infusion, and some detoxing fruit juices. All were fresh and rejuvenating. We were not such big fans, however, of the pineapple, orange, and papaya juices.

A basket consisting of small house made breads, Bonne Mammam marmalades that reminded me of student days in Geneva, and plain and cashew butter was brought to the table and was quite nice. The basket had small ciabattas, baguettinos, focaccias, cereal bread, brown bread with raisins -definitely my favorite- and some cheese bread sticks which my colleague liked very much.

Fried eggs with Huacho sausages and homemade fries

In my opinion, there is no brunch without eggs and toasts, so we ordered a couple of dishes.

We had the ‘Fried eggs with porcon and white truffle oil’ (s./28) and the ‘Fried eggs, Huacho sausages and homemade fries’ (s./28). Both dishes were tasty and nicely presented, but my favorite was the latter as probably this was the best Huacho sausage I ever had.

We also had the ‘Radicchio salad with lettuce, organic tomatoes and punta type avocado filled with cottage cheese’ (s./ 28) and the ‘Burrata with pesto’ (s./28). We liked the second one better even though the burrata was not that wiggly as we would have expected; however, the pesto sauce made it and it reminded me of the aguadito I had at this very same place on a New Year’s Eve which was quite memorable.

Greek Yogurt with granola and berries

We tried the ‘Panettone French toast with cream’ (s./28) apparently one of their most popular dishes. These were basically two loafs of panettone made into a French toast bathed in maple syrup and decorated with some cream and wild berries on top, an interesting mix and great for people with a sweet tooth. We finished our visit with a creamy ‘Greek yogurt, berries, fruits and granola’ (s./ 28) that my colleague very much enjoyed.

Tragaluz has options for customers with gluten intolerance, vegetarians and even vegans as there will always be something on the menu, and if not, it is a question of simply asking. On Saturdays, live music is played while you enjoy your food.


Tragaluz Restaurante
Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel

Calle Los Carolinos 118 Miraflores
Opening hours for brunch – Saturdays and Sundays 11-3
Set brunch menu – s./ 79
Brunch menus dishes – s./ 20 -45
Hot beverages- s./ 12-24

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