There Are 13 Cities In The United States Named Peru


“Peru’s influence on the United States is bigger than we might have thought”. These are the words of Frances Solá-Santiago who wrote a story on Remezcla about the 13 cities in this country that are named after the Inca country.

According to this media, Peruvians are the 11th largest Latino population in the United States, but it doesn’t necessarily have any relation to these towns. Nevertheless, there are “notable” Peruvians in the country, such as singer Cole Porter and President Barack Obama’s maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham.

So, which cities are these and where are they located?

First, there is Peru, Illinois, which has a population of 10,295. New York has its own Peru as well with a population of 6,998.

Remezcla mentions too the city of Peru, Indiana with 111,417 inhabitants, and Peru, Ohio with 1,105.

A little smaller is Peru, Kansas, with a population of 139, and Peru, Nebraska with 865 inhabitants.

The eight Peru in the United States is in Massachusetts. 847 people make a living here. Perhaps the largest Peru in this country is the one in North Carolina with a population of 186,311.

Finally, there is Peru, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine, Iowa, and West Virginia.

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