Peru Is One Of The Main Textile Suppliers Of The United States


The United States increased its clothing imports from Peru by 6% between January and April of this year.

This number is higher than the ones achieved by China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Mexico, according to Diario Correo. “Peru is positioned as one of the main suppliers of the North American country located in the top ten, reported Promperú”, as you can read in the aforementioned media.

According to this governmental entity, Peru occupied the fifth place as a supplier of cotton sweaters to the United States; the eighth in cotton pajamas; and the tenth in cotton blouses and shirts for women.

In total, Peruvian exports of clothing to this country increased by 87.2% between January and April of this year (compared to the same period of 2017), followed by Brazil with 49.4%, Germany with 39.1%, Argentina with 17.9% and Canada with 56%.

For Peru, garment exports account for 68% of textile sector shipments in general”, informed Diario Correo, who also say that the total of Peruvian shipments to the world adds up to $295 million US dollars.

One of the advantages of Peru’s textiles is the use of alpaca fibers, which have an added value to the products, according to information from Promperú.

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