11 Reasons Why Traveling To Peru Is Good For You


If you are a little bit of everythinga nature lover, a food enthusiast, an adventure seeker and also nurture an interest in historythen traveling to Peru is for you.

Natural lakes, mountains, rainforest and arid stretches…you name it and Peru has it. From its ruins from the Inca civilization and Pre-Inca times to the mysterious patterns spread across large stretches of land and countless museums and galleries, Peru’s attractions speak volumes about the past on a land which has hosted immigrants from all over the world.

Peru is much more than Machu Picchu, though the legendary citadel does stand apart in its own right. In this article, we list eleven good reasons for making Peru your next holiday destination.

1. Machu Picchu is Unforgettable

The citadel of Machu Picchu, which is a storehouse of ancient wonders, is universally regarded as Inca architecture at its finest. Machu Picchu has been deemed a world heritage site by UNESCO and ranks among the new seven wonders of the world. The Intipunku (Sun Gate), the Wayna Picchu and the Inca Bridge bear testimony to the excellence that human perseverance and skills can achieve.

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2. Lima is a Happening Destination

Lima has overcome its notoriety as a city with low safety standards. Museums, parks, wonderful food joints and adjacent historical sites make Lima one of the most happening places in South America.

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3. The Food is Incredible

Peru is fast emerging as a leading gastronomical destination in the world, with its unique combination of traditional cuisines and modern trends in food and drink.

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4. The Existence of Pre-Inca Archaeological Sites Like Chan Chan

If an overdose of Inca civilization bothers you, then the adobe city of Chan Chan is the place you need to visit. The capital of the pre-Inca Chimu Empire, Chan Chan bears traces of the daily life of an ancient time.

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5. The Melting Pot of Cusco

This old and highly populated city is the hub where many a tour and trek takes off. The city itself is a tourist’s paradise with fascinating streets and excellent eateries.

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6. The Undeniable Call of the Sacred Valley

This mountainous region not far away from Cusco is full of historical ruins. A trek down the valley is sure to give you a sense of connection with the past, instead of mere site-hopping.

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7. The People Are So Friendly

Traveling across Peru, you will experience the rare opportunity to meet people who have been living in the region for centuries and have hardly been anywhere else. The hospitality of the Quechua people is bound to impress you.

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8. The Amazon Rainforest

As you go along the Inca trail, the flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest will cast a spell on you. You will soon begin to appreciate the journey more than the destination.

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9. Lake Titicaca is Where the Sun Was Born

This is commonly believed here, explaining why the lake is considered so sacred by the indigenous people. It’s a beautiful lake with reed islands inhabited by native communities.

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10. The Enigmatic Nazca Lines

These etchings of living beings, like birds and man, on the desert beyond the city of Nazca date back to 500 BC. They are so extensive that they can only properly be viewed from above, preferably from choppers or airplanes.

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11. Peru Has Beaches, Too

Beaches like the Red Beach (Playa Roja) in Paracas and those at Mancora on the North coast of Peru are always luring travelers to their shores.

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To be honest, this list could go on much longer, but we have to stop somewhere. The crux of the message is: pack your luggage and get yourself to Peru as soon as you can. There’s a lot to see!

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