Peru’s Army Is Among The 5 Most Powerful In Latin America


In the global ranking, Peru is in 42nd place. TheUnited States, Russia, China, India, and France occupy the first five places.

Peru has the fifth most powerful army in Latin America, according to the Global Firepower Index 2018, which on Sunday published a list of the countries with the most important armed forces according to their military capabilities.

“Out of a total of 132 nations and taking into account up to 50 factors such as logistics and tactical capabilities, diversity of armaments and industrial capabilities, our country ranks fourth after Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina”, said Perú 21 on Sunday. The country also beats Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

Nevertheless, as for the global ranking, Peru occupies the 42nd place.

The countries that occupy the first five places in the global ranking are United States, Russia, China, India, and France, according to information from Perú 21.

The Global Firepower 2018 ranking describes Peru’s armed forces with the following data:

Active members: 100,830 people.

Reserve: 268,500 people.

Tanks: 85.

Aircraft: 275.

Total naval assets: 60.

Military budget: 2,560 million dollars.

Labor force: 15,200 million people.

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