31 Femicides Registered So Far This Year In Peru


Femicide remains a serious social problem in Peru, registering 31 cases between January and April 2018, according to El Popular, citing the Prosecutor’s Office of Peru.

“According to the latest report of the Criminality Observatory of the Prosecutor’s Office, in the region of Lima 9 femicides were registered in the first quarter of this year”, said this media. They also informed that the capital is followed by cases in the most populated regions of the country, such as La Libertad, Arequipa, Cusco, and Puno, which together total 14 cases so far this year.

The report also indicated that most of the victims correspond to a group between 18 and 24 years old, with a total of 27 cases in the period mentioned above.

“The prosecution indicated that ‘homes continue to be the most vulnerable places’ for the victims of femicide since more than 80% of the authors of the deaths happened to be the couple or ex-partner”, said El Popular.

The fight against femicides in Peru is not recent. Less than a year ago, Latina and Miss Peru joined forces to report femicides in the country. In the last beauty contest, the 23 contestants, also called “Badass Warriors”, replaced their body measurements for statistics about violence, becoming like this into a popular movement in the world.

According to a video produced by Latina, Peru has the third highest rate of violence against women. In it, several beauty contestants denounce one by one the figures related to this type of crime in Peru.

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