Alpaca Fiber Is Considered Among The Best In The World


Peru has 85% of the alpaca population in the world and its fiber is considered of very high quality.

Alpaca fiber is one of the most famous and fine fibers in the fashion industry worldwide, and Peru has the best quality, according to La República.

“With 85% of the population of alpacas and a dynamic industry that in 2017 produced more than 4 thousand 500 tons of this fiber”, the alpaca fiber industry in Peru has managed to become the best in the world, said the aforementioned media.

For this reason, the International Alpaca Association announced in Peru Moda that the Alpaca Fiesta will be held from October 22 to 27, an event that takes place every four years in Arequipa and aims to show buyers of alpaca fiber how the Peruvian industry develops, from aging to fashion.

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