Contemporary Peruvian Women Artists Will Exhibit In Washington D.C.


Gabriela Germana is a Florida State University doctoral candidate in art history and she has curated an exhibit that will open on June 28 at the Embassy of Peru Art Gallery in Washington, D.C.

The exhibition is called “Metal Bodies: Contemporary Peruvian Women Artists”. It showcases the art of ten “contemporary Peruvian women artists who have explored the female form through the medium of metal”, said Florida State University News.

The exhibit features the work of Cristina Gálvez, Alina Canziani, Marta Cisneros, Johanna Hamann, Hilda Cachi, Verónica Cachi, Nani Cárdenas, Raura Oblitas, Carolina Rieckhof, and Nancy La Rosa.

This show is organized by the Peruvian embassy in the United States, along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Peru Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The objective is to promote the aforementioned artists and show how their innovations have contributed to the development of the contemporary Peruvian art.

The exhibit runs through September 16, starting Thursday, June 28.

“Germana specializes in contemporary Andean art with an emphasis on the relationship between traditional and indigenous aesthetics and the contemporary global art context”, wrote Florida State University News.

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