Costa Verde Inaugurates First Heliport For Emergencies In The Coastal Zone


The National Police and the Municipality of Magdalena del Mar inaugurated the first heliport and the theme park “Major PNP Nancy Flores Páucar” on Costa Verde to address possible emergencies in the coastal zone.

“The mayor of Magdalena, Francis Allison, informed Canal N that the project demanded about 400 thousand soles of investment”, wrote Perú 21.

It is the first heliport that exists on the Costa Verde, Allison said, adding that it will allow evacuating the citizens in case of drowning, traffic accidents and health emergencies.

Meanwhile, the general director of the National Police of Peru (PNP), José Luis Lavalle, informed that the theme park bears the name of co-pilot Nancy Flores Páucar, who died in an operation in the Vraem in 2012.

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