Does Congress Approve Plastic Reduction?


One of the reasons congressman Pedro Olaechea (Peruanos Por el Kambio) was criticized by his ex-party members was his non-agreement to the creation of a law that regulates the use of plastic in Peru.

“The governing group of Peruvians for the Kambio (PPK) suffered yesterday a new low: Congressman Pedro Olaechea, who resigned due to disagreements with his colleagues”, said La República.

The three disagreements had to do with him voting in favor of the suspension of Kenji Fujimori from the party, although he had agreed to abstain from voting; also voting against the implementation of a new food labeling system; and a law that seeks the reduction of the use of plastic in Peru.

The proposal for the reduction of plastic use was presented earlier this year by the Ministry of Environment and sought to prohibit the use of small plastic bags that can only be used once; the thickness of the bags should be enough for it to be reused; and they all should have environmentalist messages printed on them to create awareness on the population.

Another measure would include the prohibition of the free delivery of plastic bags in stores and supermarkets and have the establishments charge a price for them. In addition, the recycling of plastic bottles would be encouraged in the country.

“In recent months, Olaechea’s position in several legislative projects coincided more with Fuerza Popular than with Peruvians over the Kambio. This situation was already commented by congressmen from other parliamentary groups in the corridors of the Legislative Palace”, La República wrote today, regarding the congressman’s case.

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