Ecuadorian Companies Export To Peru More Than $21 Million US Dollars In Processed Foods


The Institute of Promotion of Exports and Investments of Ecuador, Pro Ecuador, reported that the ten Ecuadorian companies that will participate from September 26 to 28 at Expoalimentaria 2018 will boost exports of processed foods to Peru, which from January to June of this year amounted to $21.76 US million dollars.

“From January to June of this year, exports from Ecuador to Peru exceeded $861 million US dollars; of which more than $21.76 million US dollars come from the export of processed foods,” said Álvaro Narváez, commercial counselor of Pro Ecuador Oficina Lima to La República.

According to this source, the products that were exported the most were boards of wood particles, un-pulverized cement and premixes for feeding animals for aquaculture use.

“In this regard, he assured that exporters seek to increase their participation in the country, and in some cases enter the Peruvian market through quality products and with very competitive prices”, you can read in La República.

Among the companies that will be present at the tenth edition of the fair are: Balzo, Proveagro, Comumap, Valdez, Inaexpo, Inagrofa, Inalecsa, Inalproces, Promopesca and Quinoa Cotopaxi.

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