Live-Work Startup Incubator For Digital Nomads Opens in Lima


If you are vegan or veg-friendly and interested in living the digital nomad lifestyle, check out this intensive program inclusive of three months of free housing, free vegan food, and improving your digital marketing skills.

This is a new vegan live-work intensive in Peru’s coastal district of Magdalena del Mar (part of greater Lima).

Vegan companies seeking digital marketing help sponsor digital nomads to live & work at the incubator. In exchange for sponsorship the nomad works mornings on that company’s marketing. The first company sponsoring nomads in the incubator is VegReady.com – a plant-based food company from the United States making pre-cooked, convenient vegan meals.

One of the VegReady Meals

While at the live-work incubator digital nomads gain real-world experience doing sales and marketing for the sponsor company. In VegReady’s case, vegan convenience food is the fastest growing food sector in the U.S. and Canada where 45 million flexitarians are eating a few plant-based meals each week. This trend shows no signs of slowing, giving VegReady a wide open opportunity to sell millions of meals to customers online.

As a Nomad in the live-work incubator you help a sponsor company and receive hands-on experience in:

  • Managing Paid Ads Online
  • Creating a Brand
  • Networking with Industry Leaders & Influencers
  • Creating an Affiliate Network
  • Writing Copy That Gets Visitors to Order
  • Running Email Marketing Campaigns & Online Sales Funnels

This intensive was started because vegan companies need proven digital marketers and some would-be digital nomads have marketing skills, but lack infrastructure to earn income while traveling – so together, it’s a win-win.

As a nomad, you work mornings in the incubator doing sales and marketing for the sponsor company. You gain real-world experienceopening the door for further training, or starting your own gig.

After this three-month intensive, nomads who produce outstanding results may receive a full-time job offer from a sponsor company. Another possibility after leaving the incubator is traveling the world and earning affiliate fees by remotely promoting the sponsor’s products, as long as you have an internet connection.

A typical day in the incubator intensive:


8:30: Breakfast is served at 8:30 by Ken and Alison, the owners of the building who live on the top floor.

Typical breakfast: Plate of Freshly Sliced Papaya, Toast with Avocado, whole raw Brazil Nuts, Coffee, Tea, or Juice based on personal preference.

9:00 – 1:00: Spend the first half of the day in the incubator work room performing various digital marketing and online sales tasks for your Sponsor company. You will learn as much or as little as you like about the Sponsor company.

Incubator Work Room

Afternoons, Evenings, and Weekends

This is your free time to do what you want.

You can be on your laptop in one of the common areas or the courtyard, chat with your friends, or go out and explore the various food and cultural events the city has to offer.

The common area lounge looks out on the courtyard where you will find edible fruits and vegetables.

Note: This is a Vegan environment, which means there is no meat, dairy, eggs, or other non-vegan items consumed in the building.

If you are a nomad interested in participating in this incubator intensive, or if you are a vegan company interested in sponsoring a nomad to work for you at the incubator, please contact:

Email: Mark@VegReady.com
Website: www.VegReady.com

Cover Art: Pixabay



Mark is the Founder of VegReady, a brand that makes pre-cooked, pre-packaged, ready-to-to eat vegan meals and he's on a mission to disrupt the broken food supply through convenient plant-based meals.