Minister Of Economy Resigned Two Months After Taking Office


The president Martín Vizcarra accepted the resignation of David Tuesta, minister of economy, after recognizing discrepancies between both, said El Espectador.

The resignation comes after the minister was pushing a tax reform that threatened to bring a strike to the transport sector, this media explained.

“With just two months in office, the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, had to deal with his first controversy”, wrote El Espectador yesterday. “On Monday, the president accepted the resignation of the minister of economy and finance of Peru, David Tuesta, who left office in the middle of a crisis due to the increase in taxes”, they continued.

After informing the changes taking place in the cabinet, Vizcarra thanked Tuesta for his services in a brief speech on television.

The transport sector had been threatening on going on strike if the government decided to increase the fuel tax. “We are going to improve fiscal accounts by improving tax administration and administration,” Vizcarra said after communicating Tuesta’s resignation, adding also that an agreement with this sector has been reached.

According to Vizcarra, the country’s growth comes from investments and a proper tax collection, not by increasing them. This, said El Espectador, would have been the major discrepancy between the outgoing minister and the President.

He also indicated that in the first two months of the year “we have recovered the economic growth, finding us already around 5%”.

The replacement for Tuesta has not been yet announced.

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