Ministry of Culture Declares Reserved Zone Where Archaeological Pieces Were Found In Cajamarca


Seven metal pieces over 1,000 years old were found after being illegally sacked from archaeological ruins.

The archaeologist of the Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura (DDC) of Cajamarca, Francisco Esquerre Fernández, announced that the area of ​​the San Juan district was declared as reserved to avoid new actions of stealing from archaeological sites.

The idea is to avoid the selling of pieces of incalculable value in the black market like it was known to have taken place recently in this region, said La República.

At the end of April, the Regional Front of Cajamarca showed Esquerre several objects that had been confiscated recently by police officers to a local peasant of Chotén, whose name they prefer to keep private at the request of his lawyers.

It was also known that he had already sold two more pieces, due to not knowing their true value.

Esquerre mentioned that after analyzing the pieces, it was determined that they are made of gold, silver, and bronze. Also, it is believed that they were meant to decorate an important person of a culture that existed a thousand years after Christ.

In total, seven metal pieces of different shapes were found. “The area has not been sacked in its entirety, because we have verified that the surroundings remain intact”, said Esquerre to La Repúlica.

The expert said also that the peasant who found these pieces confessed that the discovery was easy for him. He didn’t have to dig to find the relics since they were located just behind a sealed mud door.

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