Peru Will Install Facial And Finger Identification System On The Northern Border


Peruvian authorities will inaugurate on August 24 a facial and fingerprint identification system at the border control post in the northern region of Tumbes, on the border with Ecuador.

According to information from Gestión “the system will be launched by the National Superintendency of Migration with the aim of having ‘a greater rigor of the information of foreigners entering the country,’ the Interior Ministry (Mininter) said in a statement”.

Mauro Medina, the Interior Minister said that the new system will allow having validated information of the people who enter the country through this border.

This control post currently has a large flow of people, due to the daily income of thousands of Venezuelan citizens, the media explained. The facial and finger identification system is hoped to help maintain public order and a better control of the migratory flow.

The increase in border control will come after police authorities announced greater security measures last week when a band of criminals made up of Venezuelans was intercepted in a mall in Lima”, Gestión explained.

On their part, the Venezuelan community in Peru has rejected these criminal acts and in addition to supporting the decision of the Peruvian authorities to expel foreigners who commit crimes once they have served their sentences, they have emphasized that the vast majority of the Venezuelan citizens comply with the laws and work honestly in the country.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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